DevAssist: Syria Relief

We’d like to say an enormous 'Thank you' to all the indie devs who participated in DevAssist: Syria Relief! Also, a further thanks to those who submitted their sales figures. Based on that information it seems we've raised at least $3000.00 USD for charity in one day!

What Is DevAssist: Syria Relief?

DevAssist: Syria Relief is a collective effort from the following software development firms to donate their sales on Wednesday 16th September to any relief organisation that is involved in helping the Syrian people during this refugee crisis. By supporting the following firms on Wed 16th Sept 2015, you get great software, and Syrian refugees get your help.

beaTunes is smart software for library management, music analysis, and playlist creation from Tagtraum Industries Incorporated, donating to Pro Asyl
Simon: website monitor, Time Out: break reminder, Caboodle: snippet keeper, and BlogAssist: HTML markup for OS X, as well as Pack: packing list, and Tweeps: twitter manager for iOS. Buy Now! all from Dejal, donating to Doctors Without Borders
Linguan a localization tool for Mac and iOS from Peer Assembly, donating to Doctors Without Borders
Knitamus: a ravelry-connected project manager (with Apple Watch support!); and Knittrick does the math so you can do the knitting! both from What There's Time For, LLC, donating to Doctors Without Borders
Soulver: the smart notepad with built-in calculator from Acqualia Software
TiltShift is an app for computer generated tilt-shift photography. It allows you to create fake miniature versions of regular photos, simulating the effect of expensive tilt-shift lenses. from The Munich Appsters for notifications and management of WordPress comments, DiskAlarm for notifications before your hard drive is full, and Fflp: a fun and beautiful game for the little ones. all from, donating to Doctors Without Borders
Moneydance financial management software, SyncSpace collaborative whiteboard, and SketchTo for quick shareable sketching.
from The Infinite Kind, donating to Doctors Without Borders
Find Any File helps searching for files on all of your disks, including remote file servers. It finds the files Spotlight doesn't. From Thomas Tempelmann, donating to Google's Network for Good
KnitCompanion is the most powerful app available for keeping track while you knit, and PatternGenius lets you design amazing knitting charts from Sally Holt, donating to Doctors Without Borders.

How Can Developers Participate?

If you are a developer or software development company and interested in providing help to the Syrian refugees:


We also urge everyone who can to donate directly to the relief effort. If you donate, please be careful where you are sending your money. There are plenty of fraudulent web sites and spammers attempting to scam people who are intending to send money to relief organisations. Here are direct links to a few relief organisations:

Please help us spread the word by posting a link to this campaign site on your company's site, product pages, blog posts or other social media channels. Any help would be much appreciated!